Cambridge Personal Trainers Helping Busy Professional Women Lose Weight, Tone Up, Improve Their Health While Becoming Strong

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Our unique training environment gives you the support network of caring coaches and like-minded women who are with you every step of the way of your health journey.


Our healthy, toned and strong program is the foundation that will help you to believe, change and achieve your healthy lifestyle by boosting your confidence so that feeling better and look amazing whilst having more energy to enjoy life.


Our Community is friendly and welcoming to everyone that becomes part BCA family. We encourage a supportive non-judgmental environment where you feel comfortable to be your true self and have fun becoming a healthier version.

Healthy Roadmap To Your Success


Book a Fitness Phone Appointment

Book your free no obligation fitness call. This is an excellent opportunity for us to learn more about you and your goals so we can discover which of our Healthy, Toned & Strong programs is the best fit to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.


Come for a Taster Session

After your phone fitness appointment, you will be invited to come and experience a Healthy,Toned & Strong session and meet some of the like-minded women in the BCA community.


Follow the Healthy, Toned & Strong Plan

Now that you are part of the BCA community we will create your Healthy, Toned & Strong plan for you to follow and achieve your goals.


Enjoy Your Results & Healthier Lifestyle

Once you have reached your goals, we will then build you a healthy lifestyle plan so that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle so that you have more energy and can live a more active lifestyle with the kids and loved ones, feel more confident and look amazing in and out your clothes.

Discover How You Can Transform Your Health, Body and Fitness in Just 12 Weeks

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Success Stories


A new lease of life!

“I decided to get a personal trainer because I wanted to get fit and lose some weight. Being a mother of four


Changed my life

“If it wasn’t for my personal sessions with Dwayne I would of given up on getting fit and healthy


I lost 45 lbs in 12 weeks

“After getting into a new relationship, I quickly began to pile on the pounds as I got into that ‘comfortable’

"Can keep up with my daughter now"

Carol decided to have a go after seeing one of our posts with like-minded women training in one of our HTS sessions. She decided to be part of the community and is now healthier, happier and stronger. She is keeping up with her 10 year old daughter now!


"I got in my pink Jumpsuit I bought for my birthday"

Julie joined the BCA community after not having much luck with trying to achieve her goals by herself. She managed to achieve her goal of getting into her birthday outfit and now she is healthier, stronger and smiling so much more with being part of a fun group while improving her health and fitness.


"It has given me my life back, I feel young & more energised"

Jane was in two minds in joining the BCA community but says it has turned out to be one of the best decisions she has made. The HTS programme has her feeling healthier, happier and young again while increasing her energy levels.


Discover How You Can Transform Your Health, Body and Fitness in Just 12 Weeks

Are You Ready To Change?

Many women in Cambridge we see struggle with staying consistent, motivated and finding the time to exercise regularly.

We have created a simple and effective Healthy, Toned & Strong lifestyle plan to empower you to lose weight, get in great shape and feel more confident so you can enjoy being more active, look and feel amazing in your clothes whilst decreasing your risk of illness.

  • Fat Loss - to help get look and feel in amazing shape so you can wear what you want.
  • Increase in fitness levels - to help you carry out daily task with ease and live a more active lifestyle with your kids, family and friends.
  • Improvements to your mental & physical strength - to help you deal with life's stress better.
  • Increase self-confidence - to have you feeling your best to achieve any goal you set your mind to.
  • A positive role model to others - Be an inspiration to friends and family.
  • Increase your flexibility and mobility - To help decrease the risk of injury and get you out of pain.

Hi my name is Dwayne Wilson and I am the owner of BCA Fitness, which stands for Believe, Change & Achieve Fitness.

I have been a personal trainer for over 15 years now and have helped a lot of local women get some amazing results which were not just physical but mental as well. I decided to create the BCA community back in 2013 when I got fed up of working in commercial gyms after seeing so many women trying to work on their health and fitness look lost, intimidated and uncomfortable on the gym floor, I felt frustrated that these women who started of really motivated to do something about their health would leave and never return after only a few visits.

I wanted to create a fitness community where women who are new to training or have not trained regularly for a while can join and know that the environment will be non-judgmental, supportive, fun, challenging and results-driven.

For us the best form of exercise is the type that you enjoy, do consistently and your body misses it when you can make a session. This is what we provide here at BCA Fitness with our Healthy, Toned & Strong program & workouts.

Come and join the community where you are treated like family, will laugh with new like-minded friends and enjoy the journey of living a healthier lifestyle.

Healthy, Toned & Strong 12 Week Transform Program

  • Full Body HTS Assessments & Goal Setting Session - to build your health roadmap so you understand your journey to achieve your goals.
  • Full Body Healthy, Toned & Strong Workouts with like minded women - to help you lose weight, lose body fat while improving your health in a fun environment.
  • Flexible Training Times to fit around your lifestyle - to help you train consistently so that even if things are happening in your life you still have times and days to take the steps closer to achieving your goals.
  • HTS Accountability form & Coaching sessions - to make sure you are staying on track with your health road map to achieve your goals. 
  • HTS Recipe Books - to give you some healthy food ideas.
  • Access to our BCA WhatsApp & Private Facebook Community - to keep you connected to the BCA community outside of your training sessions.

What Makes Makes Our Healthy, Toned & Strong Program The Right Program To Help You Succeed:

  • Short & Effective HTS Workouts - Our workouts are design to great results in the short amount of time.
  • Simpler Eating Plan - A simple nutrition plan that is easy to allow while still allowing you to enjoy the treats you love.
  • Support throughout your journey - support and accountability throughout to make sure you are always moving closer to achieving then maintaining your results.
  • No fads or gimmicks - By not having you spending 100s on shakes and supplements that don't work.
  • No confusion - A clear health road map to help you understand how you will get from A to B of your health and fitness journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be fit to join?

No, you don't need to be of a certain fitness level to join our programmes. All we ask is that you are in the right mindset to commit to achieving your goals and living a healthier lifestyle.

What happens after the 12 weeks is up?

After you complete our Healthy, Toned & Strong foundation programme you will be invited to become a Healthy, Toned & Strong lifestyle member where we will continue supporting you on your health and fitness journey after the progress we have achieved in the foundation programme.  

How many people are in each sessions?

Our small group sessions have between 1 - 6 like-minded women in each session, so that you get the attention and care to make sure you are performing each exercise to the best of your ability while being in a fun and enjoyable environment.

Discover How You Can Transform Your Health, Body and Fitness in Just 12 Weeks

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