November 28

3 Things To Your Success


I want to give you the secret of success to help on your journey, nope it is not a no fat no carb no protein diet, or some weight loss juice, or even fat loss injections.

It’s something a lot more sensible than all off the things mentioned above which will not get you the long term results you want.

As the picture states the 3 things are:

1: The Right Support – You need a coach / a team who can help you on your journey, the most successful people in the world have a mentor/coach/team that they can turn to help when any challenges arrive and also help celebrate the wins and just as important provides the right environment to win. The right support will make the process of achieving your goals enjoyable.

2: The Right Environment – As mentioned above the right environment where you feel you can be your true self, be comfortable, have fun is important. Your environment you train in plays vital role more so than any shiny gym equipment this is a major factor while people who go to the local gyms give up within weeks and fail to reach their goals

3: The Right Plan – You need a guide to direct you from where you are with your health to the point of your goals.  Just like when you put on your Sat Nav to take you from A to B you should treat your health journey exactly the same. Something  as simple as by XXX I want to hit this goal and each month I need to hit this target to achieve my goal. For me to hit my monthly goal I know I need to regularly complete 1-5 daily healthy routines.

That is it, you blueprint to a healthier version of you.​​

Maybe the BCA community is right you to enjoy exercising, build new healthy habits so that you achieve your goals then I would recommend getting in touch with us here at BCA by replying with the word “BCA”.

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