September 22

Is 1200 really the gold standard?

1200 calories seams to be the standard when it comes to women and nutrition?!⁣

Nutrition can make or break of your fitness goals, especially if you want to get into great shape and look and feel toned.⁣

I know it. ⁣

You know it. ⁣

But there is some much BS around still that a lot of people believe that: ⁣

Carbs make you fat,

fat makes them fat, and ⁣

Protein makes them bulky. ⁣

If this was so, what does that leave us to eat? ⁣

It leaves Celery Juicing, Skinny Me Teas, Apple Cider Vinegar shots, and not eating past 6pm.⁣

This is why, I like to educate the BCA community on nutrition, as a personal trainer it is important that your health is part of your foundation to building the body that you are happy with. ⁣

I want to make sure they don’t follow the diet Karen from accounts told them about.⁣

or they follow some of the misconstrued facts they first started to believe 10 years ago.⁣

I help BCA Fitness community here is Cambridge understand that there is NOT a magic diet, trick, or pill that DOESN’T include a caloric deficit.⁣

I also let my BCA members knows that to reach your goals there has to be big compromises and even sacrifices, they may have to to give up their midday cake and coffee or their late night glass or 3 of wine.⁣

Like I ask my BCA Fitness members

What are you will to do or give up with regards to your nutrition to help you reach your goals?

Can you do that consistently?

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