April 21

Lean Muscle Needs To Be Your Friend In Being Healthy, Toned & Strong.

Nowhere near enough people know it either, are you one of them? ⁣

If you want to lose body fat, which 99.99% per cent of you do, then MUSCLE is your friend. ⁣

You don’t have to get super restrictive with your food or live in the gym 24/7, for most of you that would be impossible anyway, only a select few can train at the intensity and the amount of hours required (like 4-6 hours a day) as well as count every calorie that you eat. ⁣

However, you should be focusing on increasing your LEAN MUSCLE as much as possible. ⁣

I am not talking about looking like SHE HULK!

Burning more calories at rest for the rest of your life will be a MASSIVE contributor to your maintaining healthy body and the desired toned shape you’re looking for. ⁣

STOP playing around and start doing the work. ⁣

Simple essential work that is progressed consistently over time is what you need. ⁣

Nothing fringe, fad or fancy. ⁣

Get a good coach/personal trainer, get a good program, pull up your socks, get someone to keep you accountable and get to work.

I would suggest joining us here at BCA Fitness community in Cambridge to help you achieve the above and more or tell a friend to come and join us  💪 😉​ 💪 

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