April 16

Less Is More.

So last week I decided that I was going to take a week off.

I still did my fitness coaching sessions but needed some time to rest mentally so decided all other jobs will have to wait.

I felt bad for doing so at the start for not getting anything else done, but realised that I was mentally fatigued and my body needed the rest.

I know my body well enough to understand when I feel like that it is better to take some days off to rest and recover.

I feel so much better now for doing so!

I never forget the saying by one of my coaches who told me “You can only give your best when you are feeling your best”.

I know it can be hard taking time off to be the best version of you but sometimes that is what your mind and body needs so you can give your best to your family, work and more importantly to yourself.

So when was the last time you gave yourself a break?

When did you last do nothing but chilled?

When did you have some ‘ME’ time?

If you can’t remember or are feeling fatigued like I was, I recommend you taking some time out for you sooner and not later.

As you have heard in the past sometimes less is more.

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