Personal Training

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, tone up, improve your nutrition or improve your overall health, the Healthy, Toned & Strong Transformation System Personal Training Programme at BCA Fitness will create a bespoke plan and advise you in a way that is personal to your goals and needs while being super effective to helping you achieve great results.

Get Personal Attention And Instruction From BCA Fitness In Enfield

BCA Fitness’ HTS Personal Training is an individualised programme designed for anyone who wants the personal attention and dedicated training that is right for them and their goals. At BCA Fitness, our trainers organise each session to get the best out of you. Just look at what we can do for you:


Clear Nutritional Guidance

You will have an easy to follow and tailored meal plan designed to compliment your training to guarantee fast results you can see in the mirror.


Accountability and Support

A coach who believes in you and will draw out an attitude and performance you will be proud of and much more.


Consistent Progress Review

A frequent comprehensive body and lifestyle diagnostic, showing you that everything we do brings guaranteed results.

The Best Trainers In Enfield Will Stop At Nothing To Get You Healthy, Happy And Fit

Because you’ve tried everything in the past you’re tired of paying for things that just don’t work. Answer this, would you like to….

• Transform the way you look and feel?
• Have a slim, toned and firm body that you’ll be proud of?
• Have more energy than you have ever had before?
• Be able to wear the clothes you have always wanted to wear?
• Get back into that amazing outfit you own but have not worn for years?
• Show off your body at the beach? Or wear a sleeveless top?
• Be able to enjoy food without feeling guilty for it?
• Be able to be more active with your children/grand children?
• Decrease the risk of getting preventable illnesses?

Yes? Then you should seriously consider our VIP Personal Training programme.

You Will Meet With An Expert Coach 2-5 Times Per Week At Our Location In Enfield And Your Programme Will Include:

  • Our initial consultation includes identifying your needs, setting goals, booking your sessions and your Comprehensive Body and Lifestyle Diagnostic.
  • 1:1 VIP Personal Training which will be tailored to your goals, offering a varied programme utilising the best in training equipment and techniques.
  • Nutritional support and guidance, a personal nutrition plan with frequent habit forming reviews
  • Your first 28 days of Supplements at 50% discounted prices on all future purchases.
  • A free copy of How to eat, move and be healthy
  • 6 micro weekly repeat consultations to include, goal setting, Nutrition Support and Physical Assessment
  • We are masters of service and support, whenever you need us we are here to help, no matter what
  • Amazing rewards for introducing your friends to train with us
  • VIP Access to exclusive online materials covering all the vital areas from home work-outs, extra nutritional help and home training videos

Getting on the path to the body you want is one phone call away, we will take care of the rest.

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