November 8

What Is Small Group Personal Training?

What is Small Group Personal Training here at BCA Fitness?

Small group personal training allows you to get the attention and results of 121 training, while training with like-minded people but at a lower cost to 121.

At BCA Fitness we have a maximum limit on our session sizes. Depending on the time and day you’ll train with a maximum of 2-8 other members. This enables us here at BCA to coach EVERY member to ensure they are doing the exercises safely and effectively.

We make sure your workouts are PERSONALISE to your goals and fitness levels so you keep making progress but more importantly enjoying the process.

If you want to give it a try and get your health and fitness back on track get in touch with us here at BCA by replying with the word “BCA” or PM us, we can’t wait to help you become a healthier version of you.

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