July 6

What We Can Learn From Boris

We can see what happens when you don’t take action and allow bad habits to become our new norm, just look at what’s happening with our prime minister!

I’m not going to get political here, I will keep it about health.

There is only so much times you can hide from the truth before your body runs out of patience and tells that it’s time to make positive changes!

That can be with your clothes not fitting like they use to,

getting out of breath easy when doing simple task,

making up excuses not to be active with the kids,

or just looking in the mirror and being shocked at the reflection you see staring back at you.

I am telling you this because I have been there in situations mentioned above.

​It only when you are true with yourself that change that happen.

That change starts with you taking a stance like the women in the BCA community in Cambridge have to start living a healthier lifestyle by acknowledging your current health status and moving forwards towards your goals.

Your lifestyle changes don’t always have to be drastic changes to start of with, they can be as simple as walking an extra 15 – 30 mins each day, having at least 1 extra veg with your meals, drinking an extra 500ml of water per day or getting in an extra protein portion each day.

Whatever you choose to do just be committed and consistent​!​

I hope you can see by making some adjustments in your lifestyle how effective changes they can be on your health.

Remember the key to a healthier lifestyle is being committed to changing and staying consistent with your new health habits.

Even if they feel small, those small changes done consistently will have a positive effect on your health and well being.

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