June 14

Where does your health & fitness start?

Sleeping is important to your health and fitness

Health and fitness doesn’t start when you enter the gym, it starts with a good night of sleep.

While it can be easy to get caught up in how much you can make your muscles ache, it’s important to always look at the big picture.

The choices you make in the 23 hours outside the gym have a bigger impact on your health than how many sets or reps you do, what exercises you choose, or how much weight you lift.

I’m not saying exercise or training isn’t important. It is. 

But if you’re not working as hard on improving your lifestyle as you are on your strength, then you’re undermining your results. 

It’s only when you’re getting enough sleep, eating the right foods, and avoiding too much mental stress that your hard work in the gym will fully pay off.

Fitness is a lifelong journey. 

Living a healthy lifestyle needs to be your way of life, this is we coach all our members here in Cambridge on at BCA Fitness.

It doesn’t stop when you leave the gym. It never stops.

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