October 18

Are You An Action Taker?

I see it so many times and to be honest I’ve spoken to way to many people that say they want to take action with their health and fitness,

but never do any about it​.

One thing I know is that your health is the foundation of your life

You will not be be the version of you.

It doesn’t matter if that is in your career, being around friends, with your partner or even with your kids.​

Without you being healthy you as well people around won’t see the best version of you​.

You owe it to yourself to he healthy and happy don’t you?

If you are not taking action with being your healthiest version then I think it is time you do, doesn’t matter if it is :

  • Walking outside and getting in 8-10k steps daily,
  • Joining a gym (if you know what to do and have a plan),
  • Work with a fitness coach (hint hint, we are here to help at BCA Fitness Personal Trainers),
  • Join a fitness group (hint, hint our BCA Fitness Cambridge community are ready to support you on your journey)​,
  • Cycle, swim…..​

Whatever you do enjoy it, commit to it and stay consistent!!!​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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