July 12

AWOL But Been A Busy Bee!


I know I have been AWOL for a few weeks, if I am honest I lost a bit of my mojo when it came to writing to you.

That doesn’t mean I forgot about you.

I have just been working closely with the BCA Community enjoying the Great British Summer.

Not only have I been putting them through their paces during our ​Healthy, Toned & Strong sessions but we have also enjoyed ourselves at our social events.

We went to our 1st ever BCA quiz night at the Burleigh Arms, which was fun even though some of the question were so hard.

As also went back to Stir for our quarterly Breakfast mornings. It’s a great way for the BCA champs to connect especially those who may not see each other at certain sessions.

We didn’t stop there we also went outside for our 1st outdoor session for the summer​, no better way to get in some vitamin D!

The​ reason why I am telling you this is it is super important that you look after your health which should include being social.

Enjoy making connections with your friends, family or even training community (if you are not in a community, you are more than welcome to join us here at BCA).

Enjoy the Sun and Summer being healthy by being active, eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and ​making time for yourself, friends and family

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