May 21

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Our Healthy, Toned & Strong small group training program, typically involves 1 to 8 women per session.

Here are some of the benefits by working with us here at BCA:

1. Personalised attention, similar to what you would receive with 121 training: With a smaller group, the BCA trainers are able to provide you with personalised attention to each member making sure everyone is training effectively.

2. Motivation: Working out in a group is more motivating than working out alone, as you have other like-minded women who encourage and support each other.

3. Cost-effective: Small group training is more cost-effective than one-on-one personal training, you can train up to 2-3 more per week with us than you would with a typical local trainer who will charge you north of £45 for a session.

4. Variety: Our Healthy, Toned & Strong program can offer a variety of workouts and exercises, which can help prevent boredom and keep participants engaged.

5. Socialisation: The BCA Fitness community provides an opportunity for socialisation in and out of the sessions, as we like to go out as a group at least 1 a month to help cement the connections made in the sessions as well as form new friendships.

6. Accountability: All of our members are accountable to each other as well as the BCA Fitness trainers, your training buddies will be looking out for you at the sessions, this will help keep them on track and motivated.

7. Fun: Our Healthy, Toned & Strong program takes place in a fun and enjoyable environment where you are feel comfortable to exercise and work on achieving your health and fitness goals.

If you’re looking to get healthier, more toned and strong whilst staying motivated, our Healthy, Toned & Strong program may be a great option for you. Why don’t you come and try us our for FREE, just click here to register for a taster session.

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