April 15

Do You Need A Reset?

How do I get back on track is a big question I get asked as personal trainer? 😬

And my #1 answer is: you need to remember why you started and use your failures as growth.

You didn’t just start your health journey for no reason, I’m sure you have a million reasons why you want to feel good in your body again….so what are they!?

It’s time to remind yourself! 

Write them down if you have not already.

When we fall off the bandwagon it’s time to take a serious look – a look at yourself, your personal life, your relationships. 

Because there will be some stress somewhere that’s caused a spanner in the works. 

Until that is fixed, health goals won’t happen.

Now tell me, what’s more important to you? 

Having energy to run around with your kids? 

Losing the weight?

Having a body you LOVE?

Or…eating pizza, chocolate and crap each day?

ng up binge eating and watching TV till 1am? 

neglecting yourself and your health?

Eating pizza and watching TV are fun, but they are FLEETING. 

It will only feel good while you’re doing it (momentarily…and then you’ll feel even worse than you did to start…no doubt you did it because you were stressed or upset about something in your life…see the correlation here) 

Having a body you love feels good ALL the time. 

Having energy to live your life NEVER gets old

…Oh and my BCA Fitness members eat pizza AND lose weight because it fits into their healthy eating and living habits (80/20 rule) and they are on TRACK…win win 

So, what is your reason?

Why did you start your health journey?

Let me know yours.

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