June 6

Don’t Let The Trends Derail You

There’s always some new trend in fitness.

It never ends.

Whether it’s a new diet that’s getting a lot of attention or buzzwords like “Tabata intervals” that people are saying is the next big thing that everyone needs to do to get in shape, the truth is that how our bodies work and the process they go through to get in better shape never change.

That’s why the same basic principles that have always worked will never stop working. 

So while it can be easy to get caught up in some new trend that’s all over social media.

Focus on training at the right intensities, that doesn’t always mean beasting yourself until every muscle is sore. No pain, no gain is a quick way to get unjuried. Train smart.

Eat high-quality foods in the right amounts, get plenty of protein, carbs ( yes carbs they are good for you) and healthy fats. Enjoy a variety of different foods.

Consistently get 6- 8 hours of sleep. Sleep is the power tool to help your body make the changes you want.

Give yourself enough to recover from, whether that is from your training or other stresses in your life. Having some ‘ME’ time is a good idea to help here.

Trends come and go like the Power Plates, the Ab 1000 machine… the list goes on.

What doesn’t change are the foundations of how to get in better shape are forever.

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