July 25

Have You Ever Lacked Motivation?

One of the things I that gets mentioned a lot of the time when it comes to people trying to achieve their goals is that they lack motivation.

They stop training after a few weeks due to a few reasons:

1: Boredom, they are not enjoying the workout they are doing.
2: Not seeing results, they believe that a few workouts will give them the results they want.
3: No accountability, no one is there to keep them accountable to their goals.

When either one or all three things happen motivation will go and go very quickly.

Results is they give up.

If I honest motivation will never stay high all the time,  your motivation levels will drop and it is natural, but what it needs to be replaces with is Discipline!

You have to keep going,

You have to keep taking steps forward, even if they are baby steps,

You have to create a healthy lifestyle structure.

This is how you achieve the results you want.

Put it this way…

Structure + Routine = habits, which will result in you living a healthy lifestyle and achieving your results.

The members in our personal training community in Cambridge know my philosophy:

Commitment + Consistency + Persistency (CCP aka Discipline) = RESULTS!

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