June 3

Celebrating Big Milestones

Here at BCA Fitness Cambridge we are celebrating Queen Elizabeth celebrating being in the throne for 75 years!!!

What a milestone!

What milestone will you being celebrating in your own life as well as Queen E’s big one?

If there is not any, then I would like to give you a goal setting / milestone achieving template so that you can celebrate achieving a goal you have set yourself.

It is important to celebrate your wins in life, we normally think about our loses but never our wins.

I know I am guilty of this at times.

Here is the simple template we use here at BCA Fitness Cambridge with all our members in our community.

I will be achieve XXXXXX (goals) by XXXXX (date),

to achieve this goal I will make sure I XXXXX (the plan of how you will),

keep to XXXXX per day/week/month.

Quick example,

I will be achieve lose 8 kgs by 1st October 2022,

to achieve this goal I will make sure I am consistent with my training, nutrition and sleep,

I will keep to training 3-4 per week, eat protein and veg with every meal and get a minimum of 7 hours a sleep per night.

If you need any help with setting up a milestone you would like to achieve then let’s have a chat.

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