September 22

Sometimes Less = More

Sorry to have gone AWOL on you again

But I needed to,


I was getting to the point where I was feeling burn out.

Not physically but mentally.

So I decided to take ​some time out and go up to the coast to Heachem near Hunstanton (a very beautiful place in the UK).

I have to admit it done my mind and body the world of good.

It allowed me to chill out and enjoy life, like walking on the beach, watching the kids play in nature and I even started enjoying new things​ like crabbing and swimming (thanks to the little ones pulling me into the pool every day).

My point is sometimes less is more, or a better way to put it, taking some time out will allow you to do more​.

Right now I am ready to take on the world or my small place, Cambridge.

I feel so determine with my mission to make Cambridge healthier with my Healthy, Toned & Strong program with the help of the BCA champions aka the amazing women who are the BCA community.​

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