May 26

Why working with BCA Fitness is better then joining a gym in Cambridge

“I can go PureGym for cheaper”

Definitely but it’s like comparing apples and oranges.

Going to a mainstream gym in Cambridge is daunting.

You already feel a little self-conscious, you have no idea what to do so stay in the safe areas with the treadmills, bikes AND cross trainers .

After an hour or so you’ve got a little sweaty so call it a day. You had no plan and it was a bit boring.

You maybe try some gym classes and often the classes are so you hide in the background as you feel a little embarrassed that you can’t keep up with the people at the front.

After a few weeks, you get bored and miss one session then another and another and then after a few short weeks stop going completely.

Now you feel disheartened, have lost all motivation to go back and have no idea on how to achieve your goals.

Here at BCA Fitness our members have 1 simple task… TURN UP.

If they don’t we will send them a message saying we missed you at the sessions.

We will then call them to find out why and get them booked in for a session later in that week, if the member doesn’t reply to our message.

If they are still AWOL, then we like to turn up at their door and make sure all is well. That is the beauty of working with local people in the Cambridge area, you can’t hide from us!

The reason why we do this is to hold all out members accountable, we want the very best for all our members so that they achieve their health and fitness goals.

At BCA Fitness we care about each and every member that is part of our community.

We keep our sessions small so that we give everyone the amount of attention they need, we never have more then of 8 members per session.

Outside of sessions we keep everyone accountable.

Does your gym do that for you?

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