September 26

Which one are you, Extreme or Consistent?

We are nearly at the time of the year when we have a big push to hit fitness our goals especially if you have really enjoyed the great weather we have had.

I want to let you know that you can achieve them without going to the extremes.

That is with your exercising, diet and lifestyle.

You don’t need to live in the gym 24/7,

You don’t need to put yourself in a massive calorie deficit (1200 and below is extreme),

You don’t have to stop enjoying the vices in your life or stop socialising with friends and family because you feel it will hold you back.

You do need to set realistic targets,

be mindful that you are getting in the right amount of foods to support your goals,

and still enjoy life and your social events, part of being healthy is socialising.

This is why me and the BCA Fitness community will be having some fun outside of our Healthy, Toned & Strong sessions next week.

We train smart, train hard and enjoy life.

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