July 15

Which path do you prefer, challenges with success or the easy path being comfortable?

The most important thing to understand about your health is that your body only improves it when it’s forced to.

It doesn’t really care how you look in a swimsuit or if you can fit into that summer dress.

All your body’s resources are designed for survival above all else.

That’s why it’s only by loading our body under more stress than it’s used to that causes us to change physically and mentally that lead to become healthy,toned and strong in the first place.

A big part of this means we have to put ourselves under stress that’s uncomfortable, both mentally and physically, or we’ll never adapt and improve.

That’s why if you’re always looking for ways to avoid discomfort, inconvenience and the physical and mental challenges, you will never become the healthiest and fittest version of you. 

The only way to learning how to deal with stress and discomfort is to go through it and come out the other side.

Nobody ever said fitness was supposed to be easy,

Nobody ever said going to the gym and spending 2 – 4 hours working out is convenient,

Nobody ever said pushing your body beyond what it wants to do, physically and mentally, was going to be comfortable,

If getting and staying healthy and fit was easy, everyone would be in great shape, but the vast majority of the world is not.

Health and fitness means NOT following the easy path of doing little to nothing, if you put the work in your body will give/show you the REWARDS.

Our body likes to be comfortable, but comfort doesn’t lead to change.

That doesn’t mean everything about fitness should hurt and cause pain, but it does mean that you have to have the right mindset to embrace the challenges ahead or you’ll never find long-term success and reach your goals.

So when the things you need to do in your training or lifestyle is inconvenient, uncomfortable, or challenging, you can use an excuse to avoid them…

​​Or use it as an opportunity to get better, to get healthier, to get fitter.

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