March 18

You Cost More Than A Local Gym In Cambridge

A new member recently said to me before signing up,

“You cost more than the local gym that I used to go to”

Which is a fair comment, because we do.

I then replied and asked: “How long have you been a paying member at this gym?”

She said: “Just under two years.”

(This new member had previously told me she had a weight loss goal that she had struggled to hit.)

I then asked: “In that time, how much progress have you made towards achieving your weight loss goal?”

She remained silent for a moment…

And then quietly admitted: “I’ve not made any progress.”

I then gave her a hard (but caring) truth: “So if you add up the total cost of that gym membership over the two years, you’ve spent quite a lot of money for no results.”

You see,

When it comes to spending money on any service, the question you need to ask yourself is:

Am I going to get the outcome and results I want?

You wouldn’t pay cheap for a plumber to not fix your sink.

So why would you pay for a cheap gym membership to not get you the results that YOU want?

At BCA Fitness, we are not the cheapest in Cambridge.

And we’re not trying to be.

We are however the best fitness community, with great personal trainers.

And if you walk through our doors, we guarantee you will walk out with the results you are looking for.

That’s our #1 focus. Is getting you the results you’ve always dreamed of.

So if you’re ready to stop wasting money on gyms and diets that don’t work…

And start investing in making drastically positive changes to your health, fitness, energy, and confidence while you get your dream body.

Reply to this email with “More Info” and I will send you the information on exactly how we can help you.

Or you can book a complimentary call and health assessment here with the team:


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